Home Inspection

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Date / Time
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Are there any animals PERMANENTLY residing within the residence
Are there any FOSTER animals residing within the residence?
Do the doors and windows close properly?
Do you see any damage to the house by animals?
Are there any house plants (many are poisonous) ?
If there is a litterbox is it accessible to dogs?
Is the yard fenced?
Is the area properly shaded?
Is there a water bowl in the yard?
Is there any place a pet can leap off decks or areas the pet can get injured?
Is there anything stacked near the fence that an animal can climb to get out?
Are there any potential escape routes? (low places in the fence, holes in the fence, high or loose gates)
Are there any chemicals stored outside? (gasoline, antifreeze)
Do you think they will fix problems?
Are there locks on the gates?
Is the fence line shared with neighbors?
Are there children in neighboring yards?
Are there any potentially poisonous plants in the fosters yard or neighboring yards?
Are there any dogs, cats, livestock on neighboring property?
Can any of them get into the pets yard?
Does the area look clean
Is there evidence of small children? (toys, food scraps- remind foster they may be destroyed or potential health hazard for pets)
Are there sewing kits, bobby pins, wash cloths, sponges, razorblades etc at pet or counter level- if so point them out)
Are there chemicals inside or outside of the home that are accessible to pets (if so point them out)
Does the house appear to be pet proof (glass objects, dried flowers, expensive rugs or decor, etc- if so point them out)
Do you feel the foster will love and care for the pet properly?
If this were your pet, would you feel comfortable leaving your pet with this family?
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