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  • I understand that I will provide foster care for the above mentioned dog from White Rose Sanctuary at no charge and I agree to the following conditions during the foster care period:

    • I agree that I am fostering this dog for White Rose Sanctuary and that I do not have any right of ownership over the foster dog.  I further agree that White Rose Sanctuary’s rights in and to the foster dog are superior to mine.

    • I will accept and consider the dog as a household companion, not as an outside pet, and will provide the dog with a safe environment, humane treatment, proper food, fresh water, shelter and exercise.

    • I will allow a reasonable amount of time for the dog to adjust to a new surrounding.  Dogs can take up to 3 weeks to settle in to a new home.

    • White Rose Sanctuary will cover veterinary expenses for the dog, provided that the care is pre-approved by the White Rose Sanctuary director and performed by a White Rose Sanctuary authorized veterinarian.  I agree in the case of an emergency, I am to make every attempt to contact a White Rose Sanctuary representative and go to an approved White Rose Sanctuary emergency veterinarian.

    • If the dog is lost or stolen, I will immediately notify a White Rose Sanctuary representative and I will make every reasonable effort to recover the dog.

    • I will NOT give or sell the dog to another person, relative, or any other individual, or any other rescue group, humane association, shelter or pound, or any medical or experimental laboratory or organization.

    • I will NOT alter the dog’s appearance in any way, shape or form such as tail docking, ear cropping, etc.  Routine grooming is approved.

    • I will not remove the dog’s microchip.

    • I will immediately notify White Rose Sanctuary in the event of the dog’s death during the foster care period.

    • I will allow a White Rose Sanctuary representative to make periodic visits to my home during the foster care period.

    • Please understand an inspector for PACFA could also require an inspection at anytime.

    • I will immediately notify White Rose Sanctuary in any change or address, phone number, email address. I will also notify White Rose Sanctuary of any plans to move or travel.

    • I will immediately notify White Rose Sanctuary of any need in returning the dog to the rescue.

    • I will immediately return any foster dog in my care to White Rose Sanctuary at the request of an authorized White Rose Sanctuary representative at any time and for any reason.

    • Should I decide to adopt the dog, I will notify White Rose Sanctuary and follow adoption procedures.

    • I understand that White Rose Sanctuary makes every attempt to accurately represent the dog and that no representations are made by White Rose Sanctuary as to the temperamental or mental disposition of the dog.

    • I acknowledge I have received all behavioral/medical information and records.

    • I understand White Rose Sanctuary makes every attempt to fully vet the dog prior to going into foster care, but in most foster situations, I am responsible for bringing the dog to any vet appointments or making plans for a White Rose Sanctuary representative to if I am not able to make that appointment.

    • I agree to foster the dog at my own risk, and indemnify and release White Rose Sanctuary, it’s officers, directors, and volunteers, of any and all liability arising from damages to person(s) or property caused by the dog.

    • If White Rose Sanctuary is forced to undertake any action to enforce this agreement, I agree to indemnify White Rose Sanctuary for all court costs and attorneys’ fees connected with such an action.

    • I understand and agree to adhere to all relevant zoning and animal control codes and ordinances, whether local, county, or state.

    • If in any event, I will agree and sign to a written disclosure of all diseases, injuries, or abnormalities of the specific animal being fostered.

  • I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions of this agreement.  I further understand that if I fail to comply with any of the terms specified herein, White Rose Sanctuary has the right to reclaim the dog and to enforce this contract in a court of law.  By signing, you agree you have received any and all information and agreement.

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