At White Rose Sanctuary, we are actively searching for compassionate and qualified foster families to provide loving care for our rescue pups. As a WRS foster, you can make a significant difference in their lives without any out-of-pocket costs. We provide everything your furry friend needs, including crates, toys, beds, treats, dog food, bowls, leashes, collars, and harnesses. Moreover, we cover all necessary vet care and prescriptions. Our program is comprised of dedicated Colorado families who graciously open their doors to our rescue pups. By offering a temporary home, these dogs can decompress and adjust to a domestic setting, reducing their stress levels and facilitating their learning and behavior development. Your role as a foster parent is pivotal in understanding each dog’s unique personality, training level, and preferences, allowing us to create a solid foundation for their future adoptive families. Join us in this fulfilling journey and provide our rescue pups with the individual attention and love they so desperately need.

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Lenny is a cuddle bug and very attentive to her person, she is crate trained, house broken and knows basic commands. She does need to be the only dog, at least right now until we can get her into training. She is very loving and happy as long as she is near you!


This sweetheart is the biggest goofball! She we act silly and watch you if you aren’t laughing she knocks her shenanigans up a notch until you are. She needs to be the only pup in the house, she gives so many cuddles and so much love to make up for it!


Zena has a big personality! She loves being goofy and silly to get anyone watching to laugh. She loves cuddles as well as doing her own thing! She needs to be the only animal in the home. She is great with kids and all people, has so much love to give!

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